Bedtime Bliss…

Bedtime Bliss…

Creating the perfect bedroom is a joy … it doesn’t have to be a complex procedure, there’s no need to consider pipes and plumbing, and it’s usually a matter of choosing a colour scheme, furniture and accessories. The aim of course, is to create a peaceful and cosy haven for all the family …

By Linda Parker


A Calming Space  

Some of our larger Anwyl homes have built-in wardrobes, and some have mirrored options, which is always a great idea. Mirrored surfaces bounce the light around, and allow interiors enthusiasts to let their colour schemes take centre stage. Installing fitted furniture is always a good option – it really does allow best use of space as bespoke versions provide maximum practicality. New wardrobes can be specified to reach up to the ceiling, creating storage space for all those bulky items that often just get consigned to the loft or stacked on top of a wardrobe. This particularly cool, calm and collected bedroom range is the Midsomer design in Pale Grey & Graphite White, from Crown Imperial.

Simplicity Defined

It can be a little overwhelming, having to get a whole new house organised – from choosing colour schemes to arranging furniture and sourcing new items. You may be bringing lots of existing furniture into your new Anwyl home, or you may be having to start from scratch! As far as bedrooms are concerned, make sure you have made a note of the dimensions of each room. Beds vary in size from a traditional double (4’6”) to a huge super-king (6’). And there are variations in length too, and as far as mattresses are concerned, there are differing depths. All of which can be fairly straightforward if you’re buying a bed frame and mattress from the same supplier, but it’s worth remembering to get exact measurements of frame and mattress if you’re sourcing separately. Many of the newest bed frames have a drop-in mattress, so it has to fit exactly. Decide between sprung and non-sprung slats too – try and visit at least one bed showroom to get a feel for what’s out there! And if you’re tempted to try a new mattress and are considering a memory foam model, it’s an absolute must to go and try some out, as they feel very different to  ‘traditional’ open coil or pocket sprung models. We rather like this simple wooden bed frame and waffle cotton bedspread, all from a selection at

Decorating Details

A low-key colour scheme, perhaps soft tones of white, neutrals and pinks, can be defined with some stylish prints and bold shapes. This interior look is easily ‘updateable’ too, with accessories moved into different rooms to refresh or switch up the style. Prints are a good starting point – sets of two or three are more striking and make a dramatic statement when grouped together. A little console table is perfect as a dressing table or side table, or you could also ‘repurpose’ a sideboard or dining room cabinet for the bedroom. Think laterally and style up your look with some bold prints – such as these, from a huge selection at Abstract House.

Luxurious Looks

The bedroom is the perfect place to hang a feature chandelier or pendant. Some have to be fixed to the ceiling, others are simply light-shades that sit on top of the bulb holder. One of our favourites is the Souk five-light chandelier from Dar Lighting. The multi-coloured drops create a sparkling, glimmering effect and allows a lot of room to add bright accents via decorative accessories. Freestanding storage furniture needs to be multi-functional – so go for a mixture of drawers, shelves and hanging space. The Bobby Rabbit  Harlequin Wardrobe is from a children’s’ collection, but is suitable for all ages, with lots of lovely shelves that would be suited to clothes or bedding, plus drawers for bits and bobs and socks and vests! Add a touch of glamour and luxury with a velvet bedspread … it doesn’t have to be used every day and would look gorgeous just folded along the foot of the bed or draped over an ottoman; this is the Luxe Velvet bedspread from Mink Interiors.

Beside The Bedside

As the biggest investment, furniture-wise, in the bedroom is likely to be the bed (the saying ‘don’t ever skimp on beds or shoes’ is possibly an urban myth, but it does make sense!), you may have to stretch the budget a little as far as bedside tables are concerned. There are lots of different styles around at the moment, from glossy glass Deco-inspired designs to retro-looks – try tracking down some ‘vintage’ Stag, Ercol or Schreiber pieces. Items dating from the 1960s to 1970s are currently very much in favour, and although you’re unlikely to want to paint over anything by Ercol, cheaper mid-century styles pop up in charity shops and auction rooms all the time at very affordable prices. Just make sure you dust, clean and prep for a new coat of paint properly. Equally, a classic, solid bedside table in oak is a modest investment that will see you through virtually any change of colour scheme or decorative style. We rather like the straightforward designs from Oak Furnitureland.

Super Storage 

Every bedroom should have some decent storage space – particularly for all the extra blankets, cushions, throws and bedspreads we seem to accumulate. There are too many lovely items of bedding around to resist, and at the last count I had nearly 40 cushions in the house! But not all out at the same time – I am guilty of having cushions for summer and winter colour schemes … help! However, storage problems are eased with the lift-up base beds, such as the Vincent, from Living It Up. Perfect for the out-of-season duvet and spare cushions and pillows. And thinking laterally from that point, spare room and sleep-over accommodation issues can be helped with a bed-in-a-box – such as the Alison design, also from Living it Up.

The Finishing Touches

And finally, we had to make some stylish suggestions for accessories for a new bedroom. These are three of our current favourites, quirky and interesting, but can also be considered as timeless additions for stunning bedroom schemes. From left; the Reader armchair, which comes in 138 fabrics, so there is absolutely going to be something to match your scheme – and it’s shown here in Clean Green brushed cotton. Far too good to be used as a clothes horse. Centre; this cute bedside table with a single drawer is from  Windsor Browne, and is part of a range that includes industrial metal mesh, reclaimed rustic planks and smoked copper mirrored finishes. Right, for our final idea, we absolutely love the Sunburst Mirror with Green Agate from Audenza. It’s 76cm diameter, and would make a great ‘statement’ feature above the bed or as a dressing table mirror.