Best Interior Designs on Instagram

Best Interior Designs on Instagram

If you are moving into a new home and looking for inspiration for your interior design, or you simply want a fresh, modern look for your current home then Instagram is the ideal place to get started. The great thing about Instagram is that there are so many amazing interior design accounts with galleries of photos to showcase their best work.

Rather than paying large amounts of money to have a top interior designer to come to your home, you can cut down costs by replicating their work either yourself or with the help of a decorator. If you are moving home then you will probably have plenty of other costs so if you can get the professional interior design look without the cost, then you can spend your money on other necessary items.

We have rounded up some of the best interior designs on Instagram that you should be able to draw inspiration from:

Inspire Me! Home Decor


Founder Farah Merhi is a highly respected interior designer and her Instagram account has acquired over 4 million followers, making it the most popular interior design account by a country mile. On her website, she states that her digital platform ‘is a go-to source for décor expertise for design enthusiasts ranging from housewives and self-proclaimed DIYers to designers and young professionals’. The stunning images shared on her Instagram account vary from exquisite design of luxury homes to smaller design details that can be incorporated in any home.

Interior Design Mag


With over 1 million Instagram followers, Interior Design Mag is a popular account for aspiring interior designers. The account shares some of the best examples of interior design work so that designers can peruse a range of interior design images pulled from some of the hottest up and coming designers and also the more established designers in NY and across the world. Recent photos include a Hong Kong jewellery boutique with dazzling interior including 1,070 boxes of glass or powder-coated steel or wrapped in velvet. The image above is that of a luxury hotel in Zurich.

Dee Campling


Dee Campling from Cheltenham in the UK has a lovely range of photos to take inspiration from. She also offers up some inside knowledge on the direction of interior designs and current trends, including – Mid century furniture is on its way out due to the high quality, small space living will be the latest trend and colours such as oranges, pinks, terracottas and purple will be very popular! Follow Dee for more great insight into the world of interior design.

The Little Grey Home


If you are not a fan of grey colour schemes then this one probably isn’t for you but if you are then it is definitely worth a look to see how fabulous your house could look with this colour scheme. Forget Fifty Shades of Grey; The Little Grey Home’s Instagram account will tell you everything you need to know about the different shades of grey!

Design Interior Homes


The Spanish design company based in Madrid is a firm favourite with wealthy sports stars and includes tennis player Andy Murray within their 1.6 million followers. Images include individual artwork to decadent staircases and everything else imaginable. There are plenty of photos that should capture your imagination in their large collection.

Interior Design Ideas


Interior Design Ideas is an interior designer’s magazine with an Instagram following of 1.5m. Their photo gallery has a stunning collection of unique and exciting designs and has plenty of ideas for smaller room design and the use of rustic design in a modern way. This is one of the best accounts for those looking to refresh the interior design of a home without spending a fortune, if you can find similar materials and items online.

Home Adore


Home Adore is a popular Instagram account with more than 2 million followers. They have a business line for product shopping, where you will find a range of unusual and extravagant pieces to decorate your home with. Their photo gallery on Instagram is filled with new ways of decorating the home, with the example above showing the use of 100-year-old Barge Board as the accent wall.

Before you hire that expensive interior designer, spend some time looking at these accounts and see if you can bring some of these Instagram photos to life in your own home. A bit of research for different materials and some DIY and you could be the next interior design Instagram sensation!