Easter Treats That You Can Bake In Your Anwyl Kitchen

Easter Treats That You Can Bake In Your Anwyl Kitchen

When Easter comes around, you know that winter is over and spring is well and truly underway. With bunnies hopping and chicks hatching, it’s a time when things come to life – and there are a whole host of edible treats that make the season special for foodies everywhere. Here’s just a small selection of the delights that you can put together without too much difficulty in your own Anwyl kitchen.

1) Cupcakes and fairy cakes

To kick things off, why not make some cupcakes or fairy cakes? At the smaller scale, they don’t seem nearly as indulgent as a full-scale gateau! You can also top each one with a thick layer of pastel-coloured icing, and maybe a mini egg, to make a stunning accompaniment to any spread.

2) Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are a true joy of the Easter season! If you’re up for some baking, then why not see what you can put together? For total perfection, top them with some home-made jam.

3) Hot cross scones

Alternatively, you can try something a little different and combine hot cross buns with a British summer specialty – and bake currants and a flour cross onto some scones. It’s the Easter equivalent of the cronut and is bound to satisfy those taste buds.

4) Cookies

Cookies are always popular and they’re relatively easy to make, so why not get a batch in the oven? Whether you plan to eat them after a meal, or as a snack on the go, our guess is you’ll have little trouble getting rid of them! To add a special Easter touch, you could insert mini-eggs into extra thick cookies, or you could cut them into Easter shapes, such as eggs or bunnies.

5) Chocolate Nests

We had to finish our list with a couple of cheats that are more likely to be “baked” in the fridge than in the oven – but who can possibly resist chocolate nests aka chocolate cornflake cakes at Easter? They’re easy and fun to make, and you can include all the family in the process. Plus, you likely have all the ingredients you need in your cupboard already. What’s more, if decked out with some fluffy toy chicks, there could hardly be anything that says Easter more clearly. With one possible exception…

6) Home-made Easter eggs

As April draws near, it’s almost impossible to escape the tide of Easter eggs filling supermarket shelves. Nevertheless, it can be great fun to have a go at making your own. All you have to do is pour some melted chocolate into a bowl (or perhaps a jelly mould) while taking care that it doesn’t burn or become tempered, then place it in the fridge and pop it out (using a little more melted chocolate to seal the two halves together). And there you go – a home-made Easter egg that you can say with satisfaction that you made yourself. You can even customize it to your heart’s delight, adding hundreds and thousands and chocolate flakes to the shell – or even eyes and a mouth for a Mr Potato Head-effect.