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News & Views

Setting Up Your New Greenhouse

Posted 22nd April 2018

Having your own greenhouse has many obvious benefits and also some that are not necessarily common knowledge.

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How to Decide on the Right Mortgage For You

Posted 13th April 2018

Taking out a mortgage is one of the biggest financial transactions you’re likely to make, so it’s worth getting it right.

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Packing and Preparation Tips For a Less Stressful Move

Posted 23rd March 2018

Moving home can be a highly stressful process, so careful planning and organisation is required to help everything to go that bit smoother.

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Easter Treats That You Can Bake In Your Anwyl Kitchen

Posted 9th March 2018

There are plenty of edible treats that make Easter come to life. Here’s a small selection of the delights you can easily put together in you

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Environmental Benefits of Purchasing a New Build

Posted 23rd February 2018

When looking at a new home, environmental sustainability is an important factor for an increasing number of people.

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The Costs and Benefits of Buying a Brand New Home

Posted 12th February 2018

Buying a brand new home comes with a whole ream of pros and cons, here are some tips on how you can weigh up the good and bad.

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Tips for Moving Your Pets

Posted 23rd January 2018

Moving home can be a taxing process – two-thirds of people rate it as being more stressful than breakups or getting a new job.

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What is ‘Help To Buy’ and how does it work?

Posted 7th January 2018

This guide breaks down the Help to Buy schemes and explains how they work, and how they can help you buy a property.

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Anwyl announces Christmas card winners

Posted 20th December 2017

Christmas has come early for a small group of children, with Anwyl Homes announcing the winners of its 2017 Christmas card competition.

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A Simple Guide to Stamp Duty

Posted 24th November 2017

When you’re buying a property, there are various costs to consider.

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