Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden

Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden

One of the most important areas of any home is the garden. It provides us with a place to sit out with nature and relax and to have outdoor gatherings with friends and family. For many new build developments, the gardens look pretty, and you have the flexibility to create whatever type of garden you wish.

All Anwyl new build developments have been created to give you the perfect home for your needs, and with a blank canvas of a garden, you can choose to design it how you wish to make your garden truly come alive. Here are some tips to create a wildlife-friendly garden.

Build a Bird Box and Feeder

Birds are an integral part of our gardens ecosystem.  If you install a bird box and have the ability to feed birds you’ll soon see a number of birds visiting your garden on a regular basis. Make sure the bird box is placed high up to prevent cats from getting too near, and always ensure the box is sheltered. Protein-rich foods are great in the spring, with seeds providing the perfect nourishment in winter.

Don’t be Too Strict with the Fencing

When looking at the plans for the garden try to make sure that your fences have a few gaps along the bottom. This will make it easier for certain wildlife to enter your garden and move from garden to garden. Animals you can expect to see in the long run would be hedgehogs and frogs.

Be Brave with Flowers 

We all think flowers are beautiful, and in your back garden, they can make a real difference to the look and feel, as well as the quality of wildlife present. Try to plant and grow as many different varieties of flowers as possible. These will help to provide food for insects and also give your garden a colourful aesthetic, especially from spring through to autumn.

Grow Climbers

Another great choice for your garden is to grow climbers. Ivy, roses and clematis, for instance, are great plants in terms of wildlife support. They are a great source of food and pollen and also help to provide much-needed shelter for birds and insects throughout the entire year.

Build Water Life

Create a pond in your garden (whether purpose built or a smaller, handmade pond) to help boost the wildlife in the area. All you really need is a buried bucket or a small trough, fill it with un-chlorinated rainwater and add water lilies to prevent stagnation. It is the perfect little spot for all sorts of wildlife and looks pretty too.

Anwyl Homes have been building for over 80 years and always pay great detail to the wildlife when nurturing new developments.

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