Our Customer Services team is on hand to help you whether it is just after you have bought your new Anwyl home or up to two years after you move in

Whether it’s just after you’ve bought your Anwyl home or up to two years after

The frequently asked questions below cover most of the common queries that can arise. But if you have difficulty in finding the answer you’re looking for please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

Homeowners support

  • Anwyl Homes will provide you with an SBM link. Please keep this for registration of your ASHP.

    The Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is installed to the exterior of your property. The ASHP takes heat from the outside air and uses the heat to provide your heating and hot water.

    Ensure the ASHP is serviced annually by a qualified engineer. Keep the area around the ASHP clear, avoiding any obstruction. It is important, for the optimum use of your ASHP, that it is switched on at all times.

    Please ensure you follow the manufacturers guidance at all times.

    You will have either a pre-plumbed or a standard cylinder. Your cylinder has been programmed in accordance with the guidance from the manufacturer and should not need adjusting. The cylinder supplies the hot water for any outlets in the property such as showers, baths, taps etc. Ensure the cylinder is serviced annually by a qualified engineer.

  • During winter, your outside taps can freeze and cause a burst in the pipe, therefore, it is important to isolate and drain outside taps before the first frost and throughout the winter months. The isolation stop tap for the outside tap is usually fitted under the kitchen sink or utility sink and some instances inside garages.

    In addition to isolating the water supply to the outside tap, you must also drain the water out of the pipework to the outside tap, to do this you must turn off the isolation valve to the outside tap, then turn your outside tap on, this will drain out any water in that section of pipework.

  • The tarmac on your drive has been laid to the correct NHBC specifications for driveways. To maintain the surface finish, please only turn the wheels of any vehicles when the vehicle is moving. Turning the wheels when the vehicle is stationary can cause the top layer of the tarmac to ‘pit’ and loosen.

  • All wood used in the construction of your home is standard grade pressure treated. However, timber is a natural, organic material and will contain knots & sap. The timber may swell, shrink and/or warp which can cause splitting to occur. This is not unusual and should not be considered a defect. We recommend caring for your fences/gates and sheds with annual treatment/application of a timber care product of your choosing.

  • Garages are classified as an uninhabitable space and therefore not designed to be 100% water / weather tight and some dampness within a garage may occur. Ingress of water at the garage door opening, or through the external brickwork may occur, particularly during adverse weather conditions.

  • It is not recommended to board out a loft due to the negative impacts it may cause. These impacts range from additional loading to the roof space that was not considered during the design, to the build-up of moisture to the underside of the board and condensation in the loft during the colder months which will damage most items stored here.

    Boarding your loft can also void both your developer and NHBC warranties for your roof structure and cause access issues to other utilities within your home. Any faults / damage caused by the work, or to your stored items, will not be covered by Anwyl Homes.

  • Condensation in the roof space is a normal occurrence particularly during the colder months and is not classed a build defect.

    It is for this reason that we do not recommend using your loft for storage.

    Please see a link below to the NHBC information on this topic which contains some further guidance. https://www.nhbc.co.uk/binaries/content/assets/nhbc/homeowners/guidance-docs/your-guide-to-condensation-in-your-roof-space.pdf

  • Mould can occur due to a build-up of condensation in the home.

    Condensation isn’t normally a building fault. It can occur in a new home because large volumes of water are used when building newbuild homes and therefore it can take up to 2 years to fully dry out. Please keep your property well-ventilated, ensuring the window trickle vents are open (if you have them) and you are using the extractor fans where necessary.

    Please see a link below to the NHBC guide on condensation.

    your-guide-to-condensation-in-your-home.pdf (nhbc.co.uk)

    Should mould occur we recommend using a diluted bleach solution to clean the affected areas or suitable fungicidal wash. If the issue persists, please contact Customer Services via the webform on our contact us page (link to webform). When contacting us please note how long the mould takes to return after cleaning the affected area/s.

  • Pest control is not covered under the Anwyl Homes warranty and is the responsibility of the homeowner. We recommend you contact your own pest control expert if needed.

    Please note that plaster beetles can occur in new build homes and whilst they look concerning, plaster beetles are of no risk to human health. Their appearance is a natural occurrence in plaster/plasterboard and is not something which can be detected or prevented prior to your property being built. In addition, ordinary pest control measures are typically ineffective against these beetles. As the property dries out, these beetles will lose the moisture they need to survive within the property and as a result they will disappear over time. Please follow the NHBC guidance in regard to drying out and reducing moisture within the home as this in itself should eliminate them.

  • We understand you may want to make your home your own and this may include making some internal and external changes. Whether this a porch, conservatory, extension or outbuilding, you should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified structural engineer, building surveyor or architect.

    As part of your purchase process, you will have been made aware that any changes you wish to make will require permission from Anwyl Homes, as stipulated in your title deeds, and will be subject to a fee. Please draw up a plan of the changes you wish to make and submit your request via the webform on our contact us page (link to webform). Anwyl Homes will then respond to you directly.

  • The warranty for your boiler is with the manufacturer, either Ideal Standard or Worcester Bosch. Please ensure you have registered your boiler with the manufacturer and refer to the manual which can give some troubleshooting advice. If you still need help, please contact the manufacturer direct.

    Please also refer to your heating and thermostat instruction booklet, this is often with your boiler booklet or watch our home demonstration videos on how to set the thermostats.

    Please ensure that you get your boiler serviced annually by a qualified gas safe engineer.

    Please refer to your heating and thermostat instruction booklet, this is often with your boiler booklet or watch this video if you still need help.

  • Turf can take several months, and in some cases up to a year, to fully establish. This can lead to waterlogging in some areas of your garden. We recommend regular aeration of your turf, using a garden fork is ideal and regular cutting, along with the use of a weed and feed treatment during the growing season (April – September) After a year, if you are still experiencing waterlogging, please get in touch with Customer Services for further investigation to be carried out. Please be advised garden inspections do not take place during the Winter months (October – March inclusive).

    Please be aware that if you have had any landscaping completed in your garden, this will delay the turf settling process and may invalidate your garden warranty. Try to avoid walking on your lawn after first moving in, to ensure the turf settles in naturally – this usually takes 4-6 weeks from when the lawn is laid but can be longer depending upon the time of year. If there is a need to cut the grass during this period use your mower on a high setting. Feed your lawn with the suitable seasonal feed and water it regularly during summer, at the coolest times of the day.

    On occasion, turf has the potential to experience a breakout of the crane fly larvae (known as leather jackets) which can cause the turf to appear as though it is not thriving. This is a natural occurrence but can be treated by purchasing a suitable product from any reputable DIY store.

    Weeding and watering of the hedges and shrubs on your property are part of your general homeowner maintenance.

  • This is normally nothing to worry about and is part of the process of your home drying out. These cracks are called shrinkage, and we recommend waiting at least 12 months before attending to them to ensure your home is fully dry. Some filler and paint will generally sort this problem out.

    Sealant and grout can also experience shrinkage, any removal and re-application of this is part of your homeowner maintenance.

    If the cracks are very large, wider than 5mm, then please get in touch with Customer Services and we will be happy to investigate further. (link to webform)

    For more information, please refer to the NHBC ‘Guide to your new home.’

  • The warranty for your appliances are with the manufacturer, this will be either Zanussi, Electrolux/NEFF/Hoover.

    Please ensure you have registered your appliances with the manufacturer and then either refer to their manual or contact the manufacturer directly.

  • Your paving slabs are likely to be Ruthin Pre Cast (RPC) slabs in ‘buff’ or Tobermore Riven Gray in ‘natural.’ These can be purchased from most builders’ merchants. Please check with your chosen supplier that these correctly match before placing an order.

  • Provided it is safe to do so, firstly please check to ensure there are no blockages in your gutter. Please ask an expert to help with this if working at height. If there are no blockages found and you are within your 2-year Anwyl warranty, please report this to Customer Services via the webform on our contact us page: Customer aftercare

    Please specify your plot number and development name.

  • The warranty for your boiler is covered by the manufacturer, either Ideal Standard or Worcester Bosch. Please ensure you have registered your boiler with the manufacturer.

    Please refer to the manual for your boiler which can give some troubleshooting advice and if you still need help, please contact the manufacturer direct.

Warranty advice

  • he Anwyl Homes 2 year warranty mirrors what is covered under the terms of the NHBC build mark policy.

    There are some things that are not Anwyl Homes responsibility, including, but not limited to:

    • Items or incidents covered by other insurances, warranties, guarantee schemes or formal compensation schemes. Examples include buildings and contents insurance or manufacturers’ warranties on domestic goods and boilers.
    • Gradual deterioration, wear and tear, neglect and failure to undertake appropriate maintenance.
    • Any alteration, modification, or addition to the home. Examples include extensions, loft conversions / changing radiators / media walls etc.
    • Damage caused by fire, smoke, or severe weather conditions.
    • Theft or accidental damage to your home.
    • Changes in colour, texture or staining of external finishes.
    • Boarding of loft spaces may not be covered by the Anwyl Homes and NHBC warranties and any faults / damage caused by the work (moisture build up, additional loading, etc) will be voided from the warranty.
    • Issues with toilet seats, after 6 months occupation.
    • Sealant and grout, after 6 months occupation.
    • Any landscaping you complete will delay the turf settling process and may invalidate your garden warranty.
    • Pest control.
  • We’re sorry but any storm damage is not covered by your Anwyl 2-year warranty, we recommend contacting your own contractor or your home insurance company.

  • Please check that your emergency falls into one of these categories;

    Home emergencies are defined as:

    • A gas leak
    • Complete failure of your hot water or heating system
    • A persistent water leak that cannot be contained
    • Complete failure of your electrics (if this is a power cut, please call your electricity provider)
    • Flooding caused by blocked drains that threatens to enter your home
    • Complete failure of locking mechanism for external doors (excl. French/patio door)

    For a gas leak, please call the emergency gas helpline on 0800 111 999 immediately.

    For a power or water cut please contact your utility provider in the first instance.

    For all other emergencies call Customer Services on 0300 244 955, during office hours our team will be there to help you. Outside of office hours, hang on the line, press 9 and you will be transferred to our out of hours team who can help.

    Please note our out of hours team will not be able to help with non-emergencies.

    Please do not call if you are outside your Anwyl 2 year warranty period or for emergencies in your home that have been caused by accidental damage by you or your contractors. In this event, we recommend you contact your home insurance company.

  • If you contacted us about this same issue during your 2 year warranty, please contact Customer Services via the webform on our contact us page and specify your plot number and development.

    If you did not contact us about this issue during your 2 year warranty period, please either arrange your own contractor to attend or contact the NHBC on 0800 035 6422 if you believe the issue is the result of a build defect.

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