SMART Technology: What Internet-Enabled Gadgets Can You Add To Your New Home?

SMART Technology: What Internet-Enabled Gadgets Can You Add To Your New Home?

Buying a new house is an adventure all on its own but you can make it even more exciting by looking into the fascinating internet-enabled gadgets. If you have not used gadgets in your old home, then make the switch when you move to and see the amazing benefits!

Gadgets are far more than just fancy technology that you can play with; they can make your daily routine more efficient, can add security and even save you money. So don’t put it off any longer, take a look at what SMART technology could do for your new home:

Amazon Echo (Alexa)

If you have not seen what all the fuss is about yet then you need to get acquainted with this tiny piece of tech joy. The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker and is the best on the market, for around £80 you could bring Alexa into your home to help you out. Alexa is basically a small speaker that you talk to and give it commands such as ‘Play some music’ or ‘Get me the recipe for peri-peri chicken’.  Alexa is smart and fun to have around the home.

Amazon Cloud Cam

If you want to upgrade the current security set up at your new home then the Amazon Cloud Cam could be the perfect solution. It is an indoor security camera that comes much cheaper than traditional CCTV options. You can view a feed from the camera when you are away from the home.

SkyBell HD 

Another way to ramp up your security is to install a SkyBell HD so you can see who is at your door and even speak to people using the speaker, from wherever you happen to be. When a visitor rings your doorbell, you will receive an alert and live feed to your smartphone. Even when someone does not press the doorbell, SkyBell will alert you when the motion sensors pick up movement, so it is a great way of checking on and protecting your home whilst on holiday or at work.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Get smarter with your energy consumption by installing a Nest Learning Thermometer that enables you to control the temperature from your mobile or other device. You can purchase one for around £200 and it is really quick and easy to install. It identifies energy-saving temperatures for your home so you should eventually get your money back in saved energy costs.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead & Wireless Speaker

For those who like to listen to music in the shower and are fed up of trying to get their phone to play loud enough, the Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker could be the solution. This gadget simply snaps onto the showerhead with a magnet and can be used in other rooms as well.