Recommend a friend

Recommend a friend and receive £1,000 when they buy an Anwyl home

Receive £1,000 when you
recommend a friend

Recommend a friend and receive £1,000 when they buy an Anwyl home.

Recognising the value of a personal recommendation, we’re rewarding our happy homeowners who help their friends and family when they’re looking for a new home.

Spread the word

If you love living in one of our homes, we want you to spread the word. Refer someone to purchase a new home from us, who goes on to buy one of our new homes, and we’ll give you both £1,000.

How you spend the money is up to you. Treat yourself, treat someone you love, or put it towards something for your home – perhaps a piece of furniture, homeware, or even a holiday?

How it works
Earn £1,000 each

Step 1
Fill in the Recommend a Friend form, available here or from your Homes Adviser

Step 2
Your friend reserves their new home on any current Anwyl development
(even if it’s not the same as yours)

Step 3
They hand over the Recommend a Friend form to their Homes Adviser

Step 4
You and your friend get £1,000 each within eight weeks of your friend completing their purchase

Small but important
  • You must be an Anwyl homeowner who has bought an Anwyl home direct from Anwyl.
  • The scheme is only valid for full reservations on current plots and live Anwyl developments listed on the website.
  • Your friend must hand the completed and signed Recommend a Friend form to the sales advisor at the point of reservation. 
  • Make sure the recommendation appears on the reservation paperwork in the Additional Information section.
  • You and your friend will each receive £1,000 eight weeks after the legal completion of their new home. If legal completion doesn’t happen, neither of you qualifies for payment.
  • Anwyl Homes reserves the right to end or change the Recommend a Friend incentive at any time.
  • This incentive began on 16th August 2023. All recommendations made before this date are worth £250.

Got a friend in mind?

Download our form and give it to your friend ready for when they reserve their new home.

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