Track Record Mortgage: Why rent when you can buy?

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How does a deposit-free mortgage work?

Whilst first-time buyers would usually be expected to provide between 5% and 10% deposit to purchase their first home, the Track Record mortgage allows buyers to purchase a new Anwyl home without any deposit.

This means you could secure a fixed rate mortgage on a new home sooner, allowing you to invest your hard-earned money into somewhere that’s truly your own.

How do I apply for a Track Record mortgage?

You might be eligible for this mortgage if:

  • You’re a first-time buyer aged 21 or over
  • You have less than a 5% deposit and are looking to borrow up to £600,000
  • You have proof of paying rent and all household bills for at least 12 consecutive months

The product is currently exclusive to Skipton Building Society – and the good news is, it can be used to purchase any Anwyl home across North Wales and the North West!*

Our independent financial advisors and mortgage experts will be able to assist with your application if you find a deposit-free mortgage is the right option for you.

* Subject to terms and conditions and meeting the affordability and eligibility criteria.


  • You might be eligible if:

    • Each applicant is a first-time buyer
    • Each applicant is aged 21 or over
    • You have proof and experience of having paid rent and household bills for at least 12 months in a row, within the last 18 months
    • You have no missed payments on debts and credit commitments in the last six months
    • You have less than a 5% deposit
    • You are borrowing up to £600,000
  • You’ll be required to provide 12 months bank statements or a letter from the lettings agent detailing the 12 monthly rent payments.

  • The maximum amount available to borrow with a Track Record mortgage is £600,000.

  • Yes, although a deposit is not required for this product, you can still choose to supply one as long as the deposit is less than 5%.

    The money can be from your own savings or gifted if this helps reduce the monthly payment and overall borrowing amount.

  • No, unfortunately the Track Record mortgage cannot be used to purchase a new build flat/apartment.

  • If you are joint applicants who have been renting separate properties previously, you may still be eligible. You would need to provide evidence that each applicant has paid the entirety of their rent and household bills.

    In this instance, when calculating the maximum loan amount based on the average rental payment over the last 6 months, your combined rental payments can be used.