Eccleston, Love from Anwyl

Applications are now open for our community fund in Eccleston

Love From Anwyl

Applications Now Open for Eccleston Area Community Fund

As a thoughtful homebuilder, we feel it’s important that we give back to the communities in which we build. It’s why we’re offering the gift of a newly established community fund, Love From Anwyl, for the benefit of those living in and around Eccleston. Linked to our development, Parr Meadows, Eccleston, where we’ve recently opened show homes, the Love From Anwyl Fund is our way of reaching out to support the neighbourhood.

We want to hear from charities, organisations and individuals about how we can help. It could be funding towards supporting families in need, money to help improve access to a much-loved neighbourhood outside space or giving a splash of paint to a community building.

Apply for support

To let us know how we can help the community in Eccleston follow these simple steps:

  • To let us know how we can help the community in Eccleston follow these simple steps:
  • · Download the application form below.
  • · Remember to include details of how you think we could help your project, either through financial support or practical assistance.
  • · Please ensure you include a full breakdown of costs and the time frames involved. · Please return your completed application form to [email protected] by midnight on April 8, 2024. Terms & Conditions apply. See the application form for details.
The gift of financial help

Through the Love from Anwyl Community Fund, we’ll be sharing £5,000 around Eccleston. We’ll make a series of grants and release the funding in phases.

  • We’d prefer to share the love as widely as possible by lending our support to as many projects as practical.
  • The maximum grant we will consider making towards one project is £1,500.
  • If your application relies on additional help because it’s a higher-value, long-term project, please clarify this in your submission.
  • We may be able to part-fund an element of your project or offer support in other ways
The gift of time

Along with financial help, we’re also offering to donate our time and/or materials

  • Our various departments have a range of different skills that could help your community project. The Anwyl team includes site managers, including some with trade backgrounds, but we also have sales and office staff with a range of professional skills and some hidden talents we’d like to put to good use to support the community in Eccleston.
  • We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty, so may be able to help with gardening, painting or minor remedial works.
  • Alternatively, we may be able to donate building materials, tools or other items.
  • We can offer talks to schools and youth groups, virtually or in person.
  • We’re open to other suggestions of how we could volunteer our time.