Own New Rate Reducer

Ready for lower mortgage rates? Look no further!

Uncover lower mortgage rates with the Own New scheme

Unlock the lowest rates on the market with the mortgage rate reduction scheme, making owning new more affordable.

The Own New scheme can help you access much lower mortgage rates than those readily available on the market. We do this by investing up to 5% of the purchase price of your home through our partnership with Own New. This goes directly to your mortgage lender, offsetting the contribution against the interest payable on your mortgage during your initial fixed term.

Am I eligible?

Is the Own New Rate Reducer for you?

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an existing homeowner, you could be eligible for lower mortgage rates with Own New. The scheme is available for buyers of new builds across the country, and our 5% rate is provided for purchases of Anwyl properties.

If you’re buying a new build home and want to find out if you’re eligible, chat with one of our home advisers today.

How it works

How can you access the Own New scheme?

  • Choose your dream Anwyl Home.
  • Chat with a Homes Adviser and tell them you’d be interested in using the Own New Rate Reducer scheme.
  • Speak with an independent financial advisor. Your Homes Adviser will put you in touch to help determine if the Rate Reducer is right for you.
  • We’ll contribute up to 5% of the purchase price of your new Anwyl home. This could reduce your mortgage interest rate by up to 4%*.
  • Save on your monthly mortgage payments in the first 2-5 years, depending on the length of your initial fixed term.
  • Move in and enjoy saving money!
Your savings

How much can you save with the Own New Rate Reducer?

For example, when the following applies:

  • A house price of £340,000
  • A two-year fixed term 75% LTV mortgage
  • A 5% payment from us to your mortgage provider
  • A 10% deposit, provided by you
  • A mortgage term of 35 years

Mortgage rates below 1.87% available with Own New Rate Reducer. You could save up to £458 per month on mortgage payments available with Own New Rate Reducer

For T&Cs, please visit anwylhomes.co.uk/terms


  • You can use the Own New Rate Reducer to buy your new Anwyl home if you’re a first time buyer or an existing homeowner looking to move, and if you’re employed or self-employed.

  • We’ve partnered with Own New to help make owning a new Anwyl home easier to afford. We pay them a fee and they use this with the lender to reduce the interest on your mortgage repayments for your initial term.

  • Speak to the Homes Adviser on your chosen Anwyl development to find out more about the available properties.

  • Your mortgage will be provided by your chosen lender. Own New is the platform used to negotiate better deals with that lender.

  • Once you’ve found the Anwyl home you love, our Homes Adviser can put you in touch with an independent financial adviser who’ll guide you through the mortgage application process.

*Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments on a mortgage. Rates are valid as of 16th April 2024. The example assumes a 5% homebuilder incentive and is based on mortgage rates available in the market, with a 2-year initial period and a 90% LTV mortgage. Savings made in the initial 2-year fixed period.  Independent financial advice must be sought from a regulated mortgage broker to access this scheme.  Last updated on 16th April 2024. For full terms and conditions, please click here.

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